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Pedro Pascal Reportedly Earned 10x More Per Episode Than Bella Ramsey For The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay have shared the screen for HBO’s “The Last of Us”, but according to the latest reports, the two actors have a huge pay gap per episode.

Pedro Pascal is earning $600K per episode, nearly ten times than Bella Ramsay’s pay of $70K

As per Vatiery, Pascal has earned $600K per episode, nearly ten times the earnings of Ramsay’s payout of $70K per episode, even though the two are the primary protagonists of the highly acclaimed post-apocalyptic drama series.

The news went viral after one tweet from @ThePopTingz, who wrote: “There is reportedly a huge pay gap between the actors in HBO’ “The Last of Us”. According to Variety, Pedro Pascal received $600,000 per episode, while Bella Ramsey received $70,000, despite both being the protagonists of the series.”

The news generated mixed responses from the netizens. While some criticized the pay gap as “misogyny” and “ageism”, others have defended it, given Pascal is an established, veteran actor in the industry, while Ramsay is just getting her breakthrough.

The Chilean-English pair have previously been part of the well-known HBO series “Game Of Thrones”, where Pascal played Oberyn Martell and Ramsay portrayed Lyanna Mormont. This time, the two are playing Joel and Ellie, respectively.

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The Last of Us is based on the 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog. The series takes place in 2023, two decades into a pandemic caused by a mass fungal infection that turns its host creatures into zombies. Joel, a smuggler, has the task of escorting Bella, a teenager who is immune to the fungal infection, across the post-apocalyptic United States.

Consisting of nine episodes, the first season of The Last of Us premiered on 15th January and generated a total of 4.7 million views on the premiere, the second highest viewership for HBO since 2010, and has clocked nearly 40 million within two months.The series has been renewed for a second season.

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