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Michael Jordan’s Teammate Gives His Take on Fans Calling Anthony Edwards ‘The Next Michael Jordan’

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The echoes of greatness reverberate through NBA history, and comparisons to legends are inevitable. Anthony Edwards, the rising star of the Minnesota Timberwolves, has found himself in the crosshairs of such comparisons. Fans and analysts alike have drawn parallels between Edwards and the incomparable Michael Jordan. But what does Edwards’ own teammate think about this bold assertion?

A recent exchange captured by ClutchPoints highlights Barkley’s blunt assessment:”Charles Barkley: “America, please stop the Michael Jordan stuff. [Anthony Edwards] just had one good playoff run.”

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Shaq: “Is he close?”

Chuck: “Hell, Nah.””

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Barkley’s comments, while harsh, offer a necessary dose of reality amidst the excitement surrounding Edwards.

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Anthony Edwards’ Rise to Prominence:


Anthony Edwards has quickly become a fan favorite with his electrifying play and high-flying dunks. His scoring prowess has been on display throughout the season, culminating in a strong performance during the Timberwolves’ recent playoff run. Edwards’ talent and potential are undeniable.

The Michael Jordan Comparisons: A Lofty Bar


Comparing any young player to Michael Jordan is a tall order. Jordan’s dominance on the court, combined with his iconic status in basketball history, sets an almost impossible standard. He transcended the sport, becoming a global phenomenon and a cultural icon.

Barkley, a teammate of Jordan’s during the Dream Team era, has firsthand experience of MJ’s greatness. His blunt statement, “Hell Nah,” isn’t a dismissal of Edwards’ talent, but rather a reminder of the immense gap between a young player with potential and one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

While a direct Jordan comparison might be premature, Edwards does share some similarities with the young MJ. Both possess incredible athleticism, a fierce competitive spirit, and a knack for scoring. However, Edwards still needs to refine his overall game, develop his leadership skills, and prove his consistency over a sustained period.

Edwards’ playoff performance was a promising sign, but it’s just one step in a long journey. Focusing on continuous improvement, leadership development, and maintaining consistency will be crucial for him to reach his full potential. Perhaps then, the Jordan comparisons can be revisited with a more serious consideration.

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