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Will Lakers draft Bronny James to Keep Lebron For a Few More Years?

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The upcoming NBA draft swirls with intrigue, particularly surrounding LeBron James’ son, Bronny James. Recent reports suggest Bronny prioritizes development over immediate success, while the Los Angeles Lakers face a critical decision: draft Bronny to potentially keep LeBron or prioritize team needs.

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“REPORT: Bronny James is “entrenched” to the Lakers with the No. 55 pick. (via

Bronny James’ Aspirations and LeBron’s Desires

Bronny James: Navigating Expectations and Draft Prospects

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Bronny James, an 18-year-old talent, dreams of making his mark in the NBA. His collegiate journey faced challenges due to a cardiac arrest attributed to a congenital heart defect. However, he’s ready to take the next step by entering the 2024 NBA Draft. Meanwhile, LeBron has repeatedly expressed his desire to play alongside his son. While it’s no longer his top priority, the idea still holds significance for the elder James.

Lakers’ Strategic Approach

The Lakers find themselves at a crossroads. They want LeBron back on their terms—whether it’s about money (they can offer up to $164 million over three years) or pursuing other star players like Trae Young or Klay Thompson. However, the key lies in securing LeBron’s commitment for the remainder of his career. That’s where Bronny comes in.

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Drafting Bronny James: A Smart Move


Despite LeBron’s shifting priorities, the Lakers should explore using their second-round pick (No. 55 overall) to select Bronny. Here’s why:

  1. Father-Son Bond: The emotional connection between LeBron and Bronny is undeniable. Drafting Bronny would allow them to share the court, even if not as a top priority.
  2. LeBron’s Legacy: By having Bronny on the team, the Lakers enhance the likelihood of LeBron finishing his career in LA. It’s a strategic move that aligns with the organization’s long-term vision.
  3. Development Oversight: LeBron can actively oversee his son’s development, ensuring a seamless transition for Bronny into the NBA.

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