Kurt Angle reveals how wisely Randy Orton bypassed drug test suspensions

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WWE legend Kurt Angle recently commented on WWE star Randy Orton and Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam’s love for marijuana and he further went on to reveal how they slipped through the drug test suspensions.

Kurt Angle reveals Randy Orton’s idea to bypass the test suspensions

Kurt Angle

During ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ on AdFreeShows.com, The Olympic Gold Medalist revealed that WWE stars had to get tested for drugs multiple times every year. The talents who used to fail the tests were charged a fine and were suspended.

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Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam had found a loophole to save themselves from getting suspended. They would inquire about how many tests WWE conducted every year and what the fine was for failing the tests. They then paid the money to get away from suspensions.

Kurt Angle said:

“Well, I think that the WWE, what they are doing right now, and I don’t know if it has changed since I left, but they would just fine the wrestler. So, you’re going to get drug tested seven times a year. If you’re going to fail seven times a year, and this is one of the wrestlers, this is what I heard one of the wrestlers say, and I might as well say who it is, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam.”

He added: “They basically told the company that they would, ‘How much were the fines, and how many drug tests would I do this year?’ So, they wanted to pay the money upfront (laughs).”

Though they were able to avoid the suspension but they would still get fined. However, there are some serious consequences to get caught with drugs.

Rob Van Dam’s fond for drugs is not unknown and he was once pulled over by the cops with the drug materials. The WWE Hall of Famer was the biggest attraction back in 2006 after his transition from ECW to WWE.

He had held ECW Championship as well as WWE Championship. But as a punishment, RVD was stripped off the titles by Vince McMahon due to the incident.

RVD was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame while Randy Orton is currently performing on Monday Night Raw as he had formed a tag-team with Riddle, calling the teamas RK-Bro