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King Of The Table 5 Officially Announced: Vitaly Laletin vs. Dave Chaffee Headlining Oct 2 Event

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The year 2022 is turning out to be a marvellous treat for the arm wrestling fans as we are set to get not one, not two, but three King of The Table events- the top dog series in arm wrestling, as it has been officially confirmed that King of the Table 5 is set to take place on 2nd October, with a premium fight card featuring the biggest names in the sport.

So far, there already has been two King of the Table events this year- KOTT 3 and KOTT 4, on 2nd April and 25th June respectively. Both events featured mouth watering matchups and had a massive reception from all corners of the global arm wrestling community.

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Now, the fifth edition of KOTT is on its way and will come with another star studded lineup, headlined by a super match between Vitaly Laletin and Dave Chaffee, and will be taking place on 2nd October.


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Vitaly Laletin and Dave Chaffee to lock arms in the King Of The Table 5 main event

Russian arm wrestling icon Vitaly Laletin, an Honored Master of Sports in arm wrestling, and a five time Russian Champion, as well as a seven time European and World Champion, was originally slated to headline KOTT 3 in April, but was replaced by Dave Chaffee in March. In the wake of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several sporting bodies started to take a stance against Russian athletes and officials from taking part in their events, along with calling off events that were supposed to take place in Russia and Laletin was also cut from KOTT 3.

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PAL International Super heavyweight Champion and WAF World Champion Dave Chaffee, who was subbed in for Laletin, pulled off a superb 5-1 dominating win over Alex Kurdecha. The American puller then went onto appear at the East vs West 3 event in May and lost to Genadi Kvikvinia in a close 3-2 contest.

KOTT 5 will see Laletin’s much awaited appearance at the elite arm wrestling event, while Chaffee is set to return for his second KOTT outing. Aside from the main event, KOTT 5 will also feature exciting matches such as Schoolboy vs Khaled and also Lachlan Adair vs Irakli Zirakashvili.

Russian arm wrestler Aleksandr Beziazykov, who goes by his alternate moniker “Schoolboy”, is one of the biggest names in the street arm wrestling scene. He was featured on the inaugural King of the Table event in May last year, where he demolished Larry Wheels to a 6-0 margin.

Schoolboy’s adversary at KOTT 5 will be Khaled Jashell, the Cameroonian who crashed into the strength sports sphere like a meteor. Without any professional training, Khaled broke the millennium dumbbell along with several other grip strength records, followed by producing an insane knockout punch in his MMA debut at UAE Warriors 27. After just two months of training, Jashell shocked Schoolboy on the table and subsequently defeated Larry Wheels 4-1 at KOTT 3.

Aussie arm wrestler Lachlan Adair will return to action at KOTT 5, since winning the gloriour Over The Top Down Under event in May. He defeated New Zealand’s Maateiwarangi Heta-Morris in the summit clash to clinch the first prize of 10,000 AUD. Adair will lock horns against Irakli Zirakashvili, the Georgian superstar who is coming off a 4-0 victory over Brazil’s Marcio Barboza at KOTT 4 in June.

King Of The Table 5 Fight Card (to be updated)

  • Main event: Vitaly Laletin vs. Dave Chaffee
  • Schoolboy vs. Khaled Jashell
  • Lachlan Adair vs. Irakli Zirakashvili
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