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I’ll slap your bald head: Anthony Joshua calls Tyson Fury a “fraud” after Deontay Wilder arbitration case, Fury responds

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The much anticipated undisputed heavyweight championship between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua is on the verge of cancellation after Fury’s former adversary Deontay Wilder won his arbitration case for the trilogy fight, which has not been received well by Joshua.

The four belt title fight, which would have seen Fury defending his WBC title against AJ’s WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO belts on 14th August in Saudi Arabia, was finally confirmed as a done deal just days ago.

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Unfortunately, Wilder, the former green and gold champion, who was defeated by Fury back in February 2020, recently activated the dispute resolution provision which was included in the two fight contract he signed with the Gypsy King earlier, and the arbitrator has ruled in the favour of the “Bronze Bomber”.

Deontay Wilder has won the legal case for his trilogy fight, putting Fury vs Joshua in jeopardy.

As of now, Fury will have to fight Wilder before he can square off against Joshua, and although the Briton’s promoter Frank Warren is looking for a settlement fee to keep things unchanged, AJ is already furious.

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Joshua accuses Fury of using his name for “clout, not a fight”

On Wednesday, AJ took to his official Twitter handle to lash out at Fury for not handling the situation properly,

“Tyson Fury, the world now sees you for the fraud that you are,” the 31-year-old tweeted, “You’ve let boxing down. You lied to the fans and led them on, used my name for clout and not for a fight. Bring me any championship fighter that can handle their business correctly.”

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Later, Fury responded to Joshua, claiming that he was unable to do anything about Wilder’s arbitration case, while even challenging his compatriot to a bare knuckle fight this weekend with a 20+20 million purse.

Joshua, however, was not taking Fury’s explanation, and came back asking Fury as why the fight deal was signed between them while the case was still going on, and further fueled his tweet by saying that he will “slap” Fury’s “bald head.”

Furthermore, AJ joked about starting a GoFundMe for Wilder’s settlement fee, while taking another cheeky shot at Fury for doing “more talking than fighting”, and also recalled the incident from the Canelo vs Saunders fight as a response to Fury’s bare knuckle challenge.

“I’m thinking about starting a go fund me page to raise money for Wilder’s step aside payment. £20,000,000. So I can smoke that fat guy [Fury] with skinny legs from Manchester. These heavyweights need a podcast or something because they do more talking than fighting.”

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