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Jayson Tatum Reveals What His 7 Year Old Son Said to Him After the NBA Championship Win

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Jayson Tatum, the star player for the Boston Celtics, recently achieved a lifelong dream: winning the NBA championship. However, it wasn’t just the victory on the court that made this moment special. It was the heartfelt exchange he had with his young son, Deuce, that truly captured the essence of the triumph.

A recent tweet by ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints) captures a heartwarming exchange between NBA champion Jayson Tatum and his son:

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““He told me that I was the best in the world. I said, ‘You damn right, I am.’”

Jayson Tatum on what his son, Deuce, told him after winning the NBA championship “

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This lighthearted moment following a hard-fought championship win highlights the special bond between father and son. Tatum’s playful response reflects the shared joy and pride associated with achieving such a prestigious accomplishment.

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The Emotional Reunion


After the Celtics secured their championship win, confetti rained down from the TD Garden rafters. Amidst the celebration, Jayson Tatum sought out his six-year-old son, Deuce. The bond between father and son was evident as they embraced. Deuce gave his father a big hug, and Tatum lifted him into the air, exclaiming, “We did it!”.

Deuce’s Words of Encouragement

Jayson Tatum Reveals What His 7 Year Old Son Said to Him After the NBA Championship Win - THE SPORTS ROOM

When Tatum took the podium to address the media, he was asked about the emotional moment with his son. Deuce had told him, “You’re the best in the world.” Tatum’s response? “You’re damn right I am.” This simple exchange encapsulated the joy, pride, and love shared between them. It was a validation of Tatum’s hard work and dedication over the years, culminating in this championship victory.

Jayson Tatum’s Journey: Perseverance and Unwavering Belief


Tatum’s journey to NBA glory began when he was drafted third overall by the Celtics in 2017. He quickly established himself as a star player, earning All-NBA First Team honors multiple times. However, the elusive championship had always slipped through his grasp—whether it was a finals loss or falling short in the Eastern Conference Finals. But on that fateful night, everything changed. The sacrifices, the support from family and friends, and the unwavering determination had finally paid off.



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