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Jalen Brunson’s Hilarious Bet With Luka Doncic- “No Face No Case”

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Jalen Brunson, the New York Knicks guard and diehard Eagles fan, found himself in an amusing predicament. A FIFA bet with his former Dallas Mavericks teammate, Luka Doncic, led to Brunson donning an unexpected outfit—a Dallas Cowboys jersey with the playful inscription “LUKA’S SON” on the back.

Jalen Brunson’s Bet

It all began with a friendly FIFA video game match. Brunson, confident in his gaming skills, challenged Doncic. The stakes were high: the loser would have to wear a rival team’s jersey. Brunson, an Eagles fan, probably never imagined he’d be caught in Cowboys attire.

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The Outcome

As fate would have it, Doncic emerged victorious, leaving Brunson to honor their bet. The No. 77 Cowboys jersey, once worn by Tyron Smith, now adorned Brunson’s frame. But there was a twist—the jersey humorously proclaimed him as “LUKA’S SON.” The playful jab highlighted their camaraderie and the ongoing rivalry between their respective teams.

The Tweet


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The New York Basketball official Twitter account of the New York Knicks, @NBA_NewYork, unearthed a humorous anecdote from Jalen Brunson’s past, shared an old video of Brunson wearing the infamous jersey. In the clip, Brunson playfully quipped, “No face, no case. It wasn’t me.” His masked appearance added to the intrigue, as if he were a secret agent caught in a compromising situation.

The tweet reads:

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“No face no case. It wasn’t me” — Eagles diehard Jalen Brunson once lost a FIFA bet to Luka Doncic and had to wear a Cowboys jersey with ‘LUKA’S SON’ on the back.”

This tweet sheds light on a playful wager between Brunson, a devoted Philadelphia Eagles fan, and his former teammate, Luka Doncic. The stakes involved their preferred NFL teams, the Dallas Cowboys (supported by Doncic) and the Philadelphia Eagles (Brunson’s team).

The Banter

Fans and fellow players alike chuckled at the exchange. Doncic, ever the good sport, had previously promised to get Brunson a custom jersey. Perhaps “LUKA’S SON” will become a cherished inside joke between the two friends.


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