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Jake Paul denies allegations of refusing drug test ahead of cancelled Tommy Fury fight

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Jake Paul is just four fights into his professional boxing career, but the YouTuber-turned-pugilist is never away from the combat sports headlines. Most recently, his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury underwent a sudden change after the latter’s withdrawal and Tyron Woodley stepping in as a replacement, but even before Fury’s pull out, there were allegations against Paul that he refused drug testing for the fight, which the unbeaten boxer addresses as laughable.

Maybe they’re the ones using the steroids: Jake Paul fires back at the Furys

Jake Paul denies allegations of refusing drug test ahead of cancelled Tommy Fury fight - THE SPORTS ROOM
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were set to fight on 18th December. 

The allegation was raised by none other than John Fury, father of Tommy and reigning WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in late November, who claimed during a press conference in Morecambe, England that “The Problem Child” had denied undergoing a drug test for the fight on December 18th.

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Now after Tommy Fury pulled out of the fight due to a bacterial chest infection as well as a broken rib, Jake Paul was asked for his thoughts on the allegations against him during an exclusive interview with BoxingScene.com, to which, the 24-year-old had counter questions of his own and instead said it might be the Fury family who are on drugs, while drawing a comparison between his own ‘chubby’ physique and Tommy, who is far more ripped unlike his older brother Tyson.

“There was never a denial of me [refusing to do] any sort of drug tests,” said Paul, “They’re out there saying, ‘Tommy will fight Jake with an arm tied behind his back, Tommy will fight him with this, fight him with that.’ Then it turned out not to be true. Then, they come out and say I didn’t want to drug test. Wait a second. Maybe they’re the ones using the steroids or whatever it is.”

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“They’re a shitty family. Do a side by side picture of me and Tommy. I look like eat cookies. I’m not thick but have always been a naturally chubby kid. Tommy has been ripped to shreds. Why isn’t he fat like Tyson (Fury, lineal heavyweight champion and Tommy’s older brother)? My guess is, whoever smelt it, dealt it.”

Now with Tommy Fury out of the picture, Jake Paul will be up against Tyron Woodley for the second time, the former UFC welterweight champion whom he defeated back in August via split decision.


  • Jake Paul denies refusing any denial of drug tests for the now-cancelled Tommy Fury fight
  • The allegation was raised by John Fury in late November
  • Paul is now scheduled for a rematch against Tyron Woodley on 18th December
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Saikat Banerjee
Saikat Banerjee
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