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Formula 1 Racers Who Are Guru Players in Online Casinos

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Formula 1 is one of the most prestigious racing events in the world, and it has a strong historic significance in Europe. Moreover, F1 is a popular topic in the movie industry as well, and every now and again we get a show that reignites the passion for this sport. Just like any other competition Grand Prix or Formula 1 is closely related to gambling, and punters are eager to place their wagers. Even the racers themself love this hobby, and some of the top stars are often seen at a casino. Here we will focus on drivers who are casino players and love to spend their time gambling online.   

Online Casinos and Celebrities  

As mentioned it’s not surprising that many celebrities or famous athletes love to play casino games. This is an activity that has been around for centuries and people all over the world find it appealing. When it comes to online casinos though, it’s hard to verify who visits which site, or when they are playing, as people do this in private. We can only assume that celebrity players go through a list of online casinos in UK and pick the best sites. They likely enjoy playing online poker, blackjack, or even some of the most popular slots. To that end, we will focus on Formula 1 drivers who are known to love gambling, and just assume they also play online. 

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Fernando Alonso

Fernando was a world champion back in 2006, but he still remains one of the fastest car racers of today. He is incredibly skillful and daring which is what makes him such an iconic champion. Being able to thrive under pressure definitely comes in handy when playing poker, and Fernando is a huge fan of that card game. He is often seen participating in different tournaments, and playing online definitely helps him hone his poker skills.  

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has solidified his place in Formula 1 history, by winning the world championship 5 times. He occupies the top spot along with Fangio and Schumacher. Lewis is also a very public athlete and is frequently seen on high-end shows and events. If he is not attending fashion shows or partying in a club, then chances are he is playing at a nearby casino. Lewis is one of the top paid athletes and his earnings for the year 2021 were at 82 million dollars. In other words, he has more than enough disposable income to afford some heavy losses in poker games.  

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Kimi Raikkonen

One of the most beloved car racers of F1 is definitely Kimi Raikkonen. He is also a pilot, and not very talkative. Kimi is known for its composure and even has the nickname “Iceman.” In other words, he has an amazing poker face which definitely comes in handy when he plays in a casino.  Online casinos are extremely popular in Finland and even controlled by their government, so it’s not difficult to see why Kimi enjoys this hobby. 

Giancarlo Fisichella

Formula 1
Source: Unsplash

Another superstar F1 driver, who is one of the top celebrities in Italy. He is also known for his passion for card games, and he was even an ambassador for Poker. Fisichella attended several professional poker tournaments, and he enjoys playing card games online. Out of all the entries so far he is probably the best poker player, who gladly shares tips with newbies. So a real guru in every sense of the word. 

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Robert Kubica

Robert is a famous Formula 1 racer from Poland who is revered all over the world for his remarkable talent. In spite of all the high hopes, Robert suffered an injury in 2011 while participating in a rally in Italy. Many believed that the incident would be the end of his career, but he recovered and even became a driver for the Williams team in 2019. Robert was spotted on a few occasions playing in European casinos, and he likely plays online as well. 


We often love to mimic our role models, and these athletes serve as inspiration for many card game players. However, people need to remind themselves every now and then that they don’t have as much money as their role models. Casinos caution players to gamble responsibly, and not to play big. There is nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying the spoils of victory, but you should never make big wagers. Play online and take advantage of different bonuses, don’t use much of your own money to have fun at the internet casino. 

Leslie Alexander has been in the digital marketing business for years. She is a professional writer, editor, passionate blogger, and she works as Content Lead at Gamblizard. She especially enjoys covering topics related to sports, gaming, and gambling.   


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