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Donte Divincenzo Said This After His Brawl With Myles Turner

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The NBA playoffs are a battleground where emotions run high, and rivalries ignite. In Game 5 of the Knicks-Pacers series, Donte DiVincenzo and Myles Turner clashed, revealing a deeper narrative. DiVincenzo’s candid remarks shed light on the Pacers’ identity—or lack thereof.

Following the game, DiVincenzo spoke to reporters, and his comments hinted at a deeper frustration with the Pacers’ approach. Referencing the altercation, DiVincenzo stated to reporters, “They [Pacers] were trying to be tough guys. That’s not their identity,” as reported by ClutchPoints on Twitter. He further emphasized his point, adding, “Nobody’s going out there to fight in the NBA. Just keep it moving.” [ClutchPoints Tweet]

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The Heated Exchange

During the third quarter, DiVincenzo and Turner found themselves entangled. It all began when Turner attempted to set a pick after DiVincenzo’s thunderous put-back slam. The tension escalated, and words were exchanged. Donte DiVincenzo didn’t mince his words post-game, calling out the Pacers’ attempt at toughness.

Donte DiVincenzo’s Message


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“They were trying to be tough guys,” Donte DiVincenzo told reporters. “That’s not their identity. Nobody’s going to fight in the NBA. Take the foul, keep it moving. You’re not a tough guy, just keep it moving.”

His straightforward assessment highlights the contrast between perceived toughness and strategic play. Donte DiVincenzo’s no-nonsense approach underscores the mental game within the physical battle.

Myles Turner’s Role


Turner, a key player for the Pacers, must reflect on this clash. While physicality has its place, maintaining composure and executing plays matter more. Turner’s response—whether he embraces DiVincenzo’s challenge or rises above it—will shape the Pacers’ identity moving forward.

The NBA playoffs demand mental fortitude. Teams walk a tightrope between aggression and discipline. DiVincenzo’s words serve as a reminder: toughness isn’t about chest-thumping; it’s about smart decisions under pressure.

Whether the altercation was simply a product of playoff intensity or a simmering personal rivalry remains unclear. However, DiVincenzo’s comments suggest some lingering frustration with Turner’s actions. It will be interesting to see if this carries over into future matchups between the two teams.


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