15 years after his Summerslam “debut”, Dominick Mysterio to make in-ring debut against Seth Rollins

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WWE has been building up the debut of Dominick Mysterio, son of Rey Mysterio for quite sometime now. Dominick was highly involved in the feud between “The Monday Night Messiah”, Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio faced Seth Rollins at “The Horror Show” at Extreme Rules pay-per-view in an “eye for an eye” match. The match ended when Seth Rollins scooped Mysterio’s eye out of his socket. Rey Mysterio will be out of action, recovering from the injury.

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Dominick first showed some glimpses in action when he hit a low blow and a 619 on Brock Lesnar during the match between Rey Mysterio and Lesnar.

Dominick Mysterio to make his debut at Summerslam:

Earlier on Monday Night Raw, Dominick Mysterio gave hints that he could be challenging Seth Rollins to a match at Summerslam and fans might think that “he’s crazy”.

Later on the show, Seth Rollins and Murphy were about to attack commentator, Tom Phillips. Samoa Joe, the co-commentator stood up for him until Dominick appeared with a Kendo Stick.

He went on to attack both with it and was able to hit the 619, the move that was made famous by his father, Rey Mysterio. He then hit a top rope crossbody to the outside.

Rollins went to the stage and said he accepts the challenge of Dominick Mysterio for a match at Summerslam. After the show ended, WWE confirmed the match on social media.

Dominick Mysterio making the debut at Summerslam and that too against Seth Rollins is a great way to begin his journey in WWE. It is to be seen how WWE plays the storyline and what the future holds for the youngster.

WWE Universe would be at the edge of their seats and will be keen to witness the match after the announcement. The much-awaited match will finally take place at “The biggest pay-per-view of the Summer”, Summerslam.

Making the debut at such a huge platform would surely help him gain much confidence and will benefit his career at WWE. Only time will say how he performs at the event opposite to Seth Rollins.

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