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Deontay Wilder’s Trainer Claims Heavyweight Tournament In The Works; Wants To Fight Anthony Joshua

Malik Scott, Deontay Wilder’s trainer, reveals that there are negotiations for a mega heavyweight tournament in Saudi Arabia where Wilder would face Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, and then the winners of both fights would define the undisputed champion of the highest category. Scott claims that he has been present at those meetings.

“I’ve been in those meetings,” Malik Scott said in an interview with iFL TV. “Deontay has me sitting right next to him. And I can say that those rumors are true. There are negotiations underway and there are going to be big fights, not just with us, but with a lot of fighters in the heavyweight division in Saudi Arabia.”

Anthony Joshua is the only opponent Malik Scott wants for Deontay Wilder

The trainer reveals that although there are possible rivals like Andy Ruiz to face Deontay Wilder, the only rival he wants for his fighter is Anthony Joshua.

“That’s the only fight I want for Deontay,” Scott added. “If we can get the fight with Usyk, of course, because he has belts. But I think that fight (with Joshua) would last six rounds. I am very, very optimistic about Deontay fighting Anthony Joshua. I think he’s not just good for boxing.”

Scott goes further, and thinks that a fight between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua is good for society and explains why.

“It’s good for a lot of reasons,” Scott went on. “It is good for society. I think Deontay fighting Anthony Joshua is the kind of fight that motivates not only the neighborhood kid who wants to rise to the top to support his family, but also motivates the businessman. It is good for humanity. It would be a real tragedy if that fight doesn’t happen. That’s the fight I pick every time someone asks me what’s next for Deontay. We’ll see. Deontay wants that fight. I want that fight. Our entire team wants that fight. We want to see what AJ does. The ball is in his court. We are ready”.

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