WWE is losing Daniel Bryan? ‘100% locked in’ for AEW confirmed

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The former WWE star Daniel Bryan is no longer under the contract of Vince McMahon’s company. He was last seen in the WWE ring when he lost to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and as per the stipulation, he was ‘banished’ from Friday Night SmackDown. Few days after that match, it was confirmed that he became a free agent upon his contract expiry.

For the past few months, there have been numerous speculations regarding his future and fans have been wondering if he could he landing in AEW.

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Daniel Bryan could be AEW bound

Daniel Bryan

It is needless to say how Tony Khan and Co. have now signed several former WWE stars, most recently Chavo Guerrero, when he was revealed the Executive of Andrade El Idolo, another former WWE star.

AEW has been the favorite among the potential companies where Daniel Bryan could end up working. The veteran star has been tight-lipped on his future and as of yet, has not addressed his status publicly.

AEW would be delighted to sign Bryan, if not already as he was a globally acclaimed star and would be a blockbuster signing.

According to a report from Cassidy Haynes of BodySlam.net, AEW seems to have bagged the signing of Daniel Bryan. Sources have confirmed to him that the former WWE Champion is “100% locked in” for AEW.

Daniel Bryan is likely to be a part-timer

Bryan had been stating that he wants to switch to become a part-time performer. Haynes further reported that Bryan had been looking at working a reduced schedule for comparable money that he was making in WWE.

Bryan is also eyeing for creative input regarding his character and the opportunity to work over in Japan. According to Haynes, both conditions were met.

A plan regarding his huge Bryan’s AEW debut in also in works. However, the place and time of his debut has not been decided as of yet.

Bryan would undoubtedly be a massive addition to the AEW roster. He would play a huge role in the promotion not only for his in-ring abilities but also to elevate the young talents.

Another huge possible signing could be of CM Punk, who reportedly expressed his desire to return to the squared circle. We will have to see how the talks of the signings progresses in the upcoming days.