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Chris Rock Cracks Joke On The Will Smith Slap From The 2022 Oscars

In the midst of one of his latest stand-up comedy shows, famed comedian Chris Rock cracked a joke about Will Smith which indicates perhaps he is now ready to break silence about what happened between the two at the 2022 Oscars.

Chris Rock is co-headlining tour with Kevin Hart and on Saturday night they performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The vistors say that there Rock joked about being slapped by Will Smith.

An unidentified fan who was present at Rock and Hart’s show told ET about the joke. They said: “Chris made a joke about Will during a bit about ‘cancel culture,’ joking that ‘anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face.”

Likely this was Rock’s most explicit reference to the Oscars ceremony since February, before that though many of his shows asked fans to hand over their cell phones, so there is no saying for sure.

Still, fans have multiple questions about the happening between Rock and Smith at the 2022 Oscars. Rock was meant to present an award before that he was telling some jokes on the stage. One of his jokes was about Jada Pinkett Smith who made her bald hairstyle public.

Supposedly, Rock was unaware of the fact that she had chosen to go bald because she was suffering from alopecia. He joked that she must be preparing to star in a sequel to G.I. Jane. Following the incident Smith walked up to the stage and slapped Rock hard in the face, shocking the entire crowd. He then proceeded to momentarily scream at Rock before the show went on again.

Chris Rock and the Smiths are yet to break silence over the 2022 Oscars incident

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Even though many are awaiting a detailed explanation from Rock in his stand-up comedy and from the Smith family on their Red Table Talk show about the slapping incident, neither of them have opened up on it.

While Rock and Hart were joined by another comedian whose physical safety was questioned recently. Their Saturday night show involved a bombshell opening by Dave Chappelle, who evidently joked about being addressed onstage in May previously. Recently, Chappelle also made about the show in Minneapolis, after the employees at the first venue denied to work due to Chappelle making jokes about transgender people, leading to the show changing its venue.

Despite the contentions, the show turned out to be illustrious. The source cited that well-known stars like Jay-Z, Questlove, and several others reportedly joined Rock, Hart, and Chappelle and even went to a late-night party. However, Rock’s stance on the Oscars incident is what continues to bug the minds of the fans.
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