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Anthony Edwards Opens Up On His Performance in Game 7- “Damn, I’m Trash”

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The Minnesota Timberwolves’ victory over the Denver Nuggets in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals was a momentous occasion. However, it’s Anthony Edwards’ raw self-assessment that stole the spotlight. In a post-game press conference, he bared his soul, revealing both frustration and determination.

In a now-viral tweet by sports news account ClutchPoints, a post-game conversation between Anthony Edwards and teammate Karl-Anthony Towns highlights the complexity of his performance:

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“Anthony Edwards: “Damn, I’m trash.”

Karl-Anthony Towns: “Whatchu mean?”

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Ant: “6-for-24 [from the field]. I was, look at me: 2-for-10 [from three].”

KAT: “Damn!”

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Ant evaluates his Game 7 performance in Timberwolves-Nuggets. ([Tweet from ClutchPoints]”

Edwards’ self-assessment is brutally honest. His shooting efficiency was undeniably poor throughout the game. Yet, despite the offensive struggles, Anthony Edwards’ impact on the Timberwolves’ victory cannot be understated.

A Rough Night at the Office: Anthony Edwards’ Shooting Struggles


Shooting woes are a part of any NBA player’s experience. Anthony Edwards, despite his immense talent, is still young and developing his offensive consistency. A 6-for-24 night from the field is certainly frustrating, but it shouldn’t overshadow the other aspects of his game.

Beyond the Box Score: Edwards’ Defensive Impact

The tweet doesn’t mention Edwards’ defensive contributions, which were crucial in the Timberwolves’ win. His athleticism and hustle were disruptive on the defensive end, making things difficult for the Nuggets’ offense. This defensive intensity is a vital aspect of his overall game and a major reason why he’s considered a rising superstar.

Leadership by Example: Holding Himself Accountable

Edwards’ self-deprecating humor after the game speaks volumes about his leadership qualities. His willingness to hold himself accountable, despite the team’s win, sets a positive example for his teammates. This kind of accountability is essential for sustained success in the NBA.

Even the best players have off nights. Edwards’ experience in Game 7 can be a valuable learning experience. He can analyze the film, identify areas for improvement, and come back stronger in the next series.


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