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Andriy Shevchenko and the conquest of Italy

Andriy Shevchenko laid the first stone in the foundation of his future brilliant career in 1989. He was then 11 years old. At such a young age, Andriy was taken to the youth team of Dynamo Kyiv to participate in an international tournament and visit such cities as Rome and Milan. By the way, all today scores football can be found on themed sites. After the trip to the San Siro, Shevchenko promised himself to come back and play at that stadium. Did Andriy think that after a little over 10 years his dream will come true?

Andriy Shevchenko

Shevchenko continued his excellent football career, joining the main roster of Dynamo Kyiv. Football agents of the world’s best clubs immediately began to “follow” him. If you miss a football match, you can easily find out today’s scores of your favorite club. After November 1997, when under the strict guidance of Valery Lobanovskiy Dynamo simply destroyed Barcelona in the Camp Nou 4:0, a serious hunt for Andriy began. By the way, the president of the Kyiv club was in no hurry to give Shevchenko away, thereby increasing his price.

The tedious struggle for the player continued, but as history has shown, Milan took many initiatives to achieve their goal. One of them is the arrival of Ariedo Bride in Kyiv. At that time he was an official of AC Milan. Having visited a match with Andriy, he was completely sure of the statement that Shevchenko was the one Milan must get. There is a legend that at the end of that match, Bride even presented Andriy with a Milan club shirt with his name on it. The scorer smiled modestly and accepted the gift, not knowing that he had taken a step towards his dream.

A new round of the story:

  • 1998 — the parties found a compromise and reached the necessary agreements.
  • 1999 — the final deal.

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Way to glory from the first match

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It was difficult to imagine that the Ukrainian player would quickly get used to the club, but thanks to his personal qualities, Shevchenko began to score from the first match. The president of the Italian club was so excited about the new player that it was difficult for him to contain his emotions. At that time, Milan’s game was not the best, so every match in La Liga was important in terms of getting points. Silvio Berlusconi promised Shevchenko a vacation for scoring 15-20 goals in his debut season. By the way, he fulfilled his promise.

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