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“Who let Wemby near Kanye?” Fans React To Victor Wembanyama’s Strange Pregame Outfit

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Rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama astonished everyone with his out-of-the-box pregame outfit ahead of the San Antonio Spurs vs Toronto Raptors game. Wembanyama entered the stadium dressed in black from head to toe, even his face was covered with a face mask and sunglasses.

His peculiar dressing choices have produced mixed reactions from the fans and reminded many of Kanye West’s outfit at the 2024 Super Bowl.

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“Who let Wemby near Kanye?” a fan commented.

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“He doing a heist?” another Twitter user added.

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“Black Noir” another fan commented referencing a character from The Boys, a web series produced by Amazon Prime.

The 7 feet 4 Spurs player would have been completely unrecognizable in the outfit, but his height and structure helped the fans and commentators identify the French Basketball player. It wasn’t only his outfit that impressed the basketball community but also his gameplay to sink the Toronto Raptors.

Victor Wembanyama

The San Antonio Raptors emerged victorious against the Toronto Raptors after displaying a solid team performance. The match ended at 122-99 in favor of the San Antonio Spurs. Victor Wembanyama was simply the best player on the pitch the other night, he produced 27 points, 5 assists, and 14 rebounds in the 29 minutes he played against the Toronto Raptors. Devin Vassell was also impressive for the Spurs as he contributed 25 points, 6 assists, and 3 rebounds.

Victor Wembanyama is making the Spurs fans dream again

Victor Wembanyama is having a nice rookie campaign despite his team San Antonio Spurs’ ongoing nightmare this season. Spurs are currently seated at 15th in the Western Conference. They have just managed to win 11 games in the 54 overall games they have played this season. But Victor Webanyama is the one giving the Spurs fans hope for a better future by displaying top-notch gameplay in his rookie campaign.

Victor Wembanyama

After the Spurs’  146-110 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson showered Victor Wembanyama with praises.

“He’s a threat all over the court,” Williamson said via Paul Garcia of Project Spurs. “He’s gonna be a matchup nightmare because he can get his shot off whenever he wants. And I think the more he plays in the NBA-style offense, the better he’ll get at it. His presence alone can alter a lot of shots. He has long arms, is tall, so just his presence alone can affect the offense on the other side.”

If Victor Wembanyama can keep his head straight and play with the same vigor and focus, he will surely turn out to be one of the best players soon.

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