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Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk Gets New Dispute Regarding Rematch Clause

Despite the fact that Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk have reached a preliminary agreement, the fight still seems far from being finalized, and now, the subject of the dispute is the rematch clause in the contract towards making a second fight.

Fury published a video on his Twitter where he assures that Usyk’s people are asking to place a rematch clause.

“Hi, Tyson Fury Here. Just a quick one: I’ve been speaking to the lawyers and Usyk’s people have been talking about rematch clauses,” Fury said in the clip, “Here’s one to up the ante – how about there is no rematch clause for both of us? Let’s up the ante completely.”

The WBC heavyweight champion continued, to call on Usyk to worry only about the April 29th fight.

“Never worry about what’s in the future or how many more dollars you can get after you’ve been defeated. Worry about the fight. No rematch clause. Winner takes the glory, the loser goes home with his dick in his hand. How about that? Agree to that you f***ing b***h,” the Briton added.

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Usyk’s team believes Tyson Fury’s demand is a pretext for not making the fight

However, Usyk’s team thinks that this new demand from Tyson Fury is just a veneer for not making the fight in the first place.

“As Usyk said, the greedy belly is still hoping to find a way to pull out. We knew before and know it now,” Alexander Krassyuk, Usyk’s promoter, told talkSPORT. “As soon as Usyk accepts a no rematch clause there will still be searching for another thing to find and pull out the fight.”

In the meantime, Usyk himself responded to Fury’s statements in a video of his own.

“Greedy Belly [Fury]. Very much, the clause comes from your side, not mine. Stop whining and ducking. Be a man. Ink the contract or vacate the belt. I need undisputed – and not to play your stupid games,” the Ukrainian stated.

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