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Kevin Durant engages in verbal altercation with 2 Dallas Maverick fans

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Kevin Durant got engaged in a argument with some Mavs fans ahead of their game against the Dallas Mavericks. Kevin Durant was jogging onto the pitch to Warmup before the match, as Durant was stepping onto the court a couple shouted “Bitch” at him from the sidelines. Durant suddenly stopped and asked “What” before walking up to the pair. The couple instantly changed to a friendly stance with the woman offering Durant a handshake. Durant swiftly refused the handshake which seemed to agitate the women.

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The man tried to apologize and justify the insult by mentioning a dead relative and tried to give other bizarre justifications.

The male fan tried to change the topic by saying “I host a podcast about sports,”.Durant went on to ignore the pair completely and rejoined his teammates on the court.

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KD spoke with reporters after the game to discuss the incident.

“It’s like, they don’t look at us as humans sometimes. So when you get a chance to let a person know how you feel real quick, then they’ll backtrack,” he said.

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“See, we’re animals, we’re circus acts, we’re entertainers to them instead of real people.”

Kevin Durant


Fans react to Kevin Durant’s argument with the fans

Fans all over social media poured in with all kinds of reactions to the video

“Look at how they’re tryna switch once Kd approaches them” One fan Commented.

“Thinking about the time someone said that (and some more) to LeBron in Golden State” another fan added.

A Twitter user wrote “So soft to run your mouth and then put your hand out only because you are shocked you got called out”

‘Na, you can’t have a KFC body and call a pro athlete that…” another added.

Phoenix Suns went on to lose against the Dallas Mavericks that night.A superb performance from Luka Donicic earned the Mavericks a victory over the Suns.

Donicic went on to produce 41 points,11 assists, and 9 rebounds. Kevin Durant and Devin Booker were exceptional for the Suns but it still it was not enough to take them home.

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