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Chris Finch Opens Up on Anthony Edwards’ Defensive Strategy Against Luka Dončić: Navigating the Illegal Screens

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The Western Conference Finals have been nothing short of intense, with the Minnesota Timberwolves facing off against the Dallas Mavericks. One of the key matchups in this series is the battle between rising star Anthony Edwards and the Mavericks’ primary playmaker, Luka Doncic. Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch has been impressed with Edwards’ defensive efforts, particularly when it comes to countering the screens set for Doncic.

The sentiment came to light through a Twitter post by ClutchPoints, which highlighted a question posed to Finch regarding Edwards’ strategy against Doncic. The tweet reads:

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ClutchPoints: “@ClutchPoints Get more information on this twitter post by – Reporter: ‘With [Anthony Edwards], what do you hope that he does well to at least make it harder on Luka [Doncic]?’ Chris Finch: ‘He does a better job getting through all those illegal screens they set for Luka.'”

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Finch’s emphasis on illegal screens suggests a belief that the Mavericks are exploiting loopholes in officiating to give Doncic an unfair advantage. Doncic, a prolific scorer known for his ability to create space for himself, often benefits from screens set by his teammates. However, if these screens are deemed illegal due to excessive contact or movement, they can disrupt the flow of the offense and make it harder for Doncic to get into scoring positions.

Understanding the Challenge

Luka Doncic is a unique offensive talent. Unlike many guards in the NBA, his approach isn’t solely based on athleticism and speed. Instead, he reads angles, shields defenders as he attacks the basket, and finishes with a soft touch. His basketball IQ and craftiness make him a formidable playmaker.

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Anthony Edwards’ Defensive Approach


Anthony Edwards possesses the physical strength necessary to disrupt Doncics offensive flow. Here’s how he’s doing it:

  1. Quickness and Agility: Edwards is quick enough to cut off some of the angles that Dončić exploits. He anticipates Dončić’s moves and adjusts his positioning accordingly.
  2. Length: Edwards’ wingspan allows him to challenge perimeter shots effectively. When Dončić attempts to create separation, Edwards extends his arms to contest shots without fouling.

Game 4 Impact

In Game 4, Edwards limited Dončić to a 5-of-15 shooting performance when defending him. It was also the first game in the entire postseason where both Mavericks guards shot below 35 percent from the field. Edwards’ disruptive defense played a significant role in the Timberwolves’ victory.


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