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Aaron Rodgers Shows Up For Packers Training With Nicholas Cage’s ‘Con Air’ Look

The 2022 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers’s appearance on the very first day of Green Bay Packers’ training camp has caught the attention of the fans, as the quarterback arrived dressed like a farmhand who just completed a tough day on the field.

Fans love-hate Aaron Rodgers’ Con Air look

Rodgers was seen donning a white tank top, paired with bootcut jeans and sleek black leather boots, in which he looked like a cowboy returning home after a rodeo at full length. Rodger pursued to follow his dressing tradition in bold costume. His fleecy hair flowed in the Wisconsin wind, resembling the iconic Nicolas Cage playing Cameron Poe in Con Air who wore similar attire.

A video of Rodgers’s arrival at the camp was shared by the official Twitter handle of Packers. Check it out below-

Soon after it was aired, the post went viral, with mixed reactions from the Twitterati.

“I’m usually not a fan of these dorky camp arrival videos, but man! Aaron Rodgers pulled off the perfect Cameron Poe! Just nailed it….. Makes me wonder if Nic Cage could’ve been a multiple time NFL MVP,” wrote one fan.

“Is that supposed to be cool looking? Are we supposed to think Rogers in a wife beater is hot? Obviously it missed the mark since I have to ask,” another one commented.

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Rodger has shown signs of happiness with his career in the NFL. He has been playing football with excellence and won the MVP award last two years despite his lackluster performance in the playoffs for the last three years. Rodger discussed what the young fellows on the team need to do to achieve success in life, during the offseason minicamp.

“The most important thing for the young guys right now is to learn the offense, and like I’ve said many times there’s two offenses,” Rodgers told Mike Spofford, “There’s the offense on paper and then there’s the offense that gets run on the field. They need to learn the offense on paper first, and once they get that down, then we’ll have plenty of time in training camp to get the other offense down.”

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